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Brisbane DUI Drink Driving Lawyers

Posted By Solicitors Near Me  
17:58 PM

Solicitors Near Me Brisbane achieved an excellent outcome for our client at Brisbane Magistrates Court recently.

Our client was charged with Mid Range Drink Driving after having blown a reading of 0.120.

Our client faced a maximum licence disqualification of 12 months.

The mandatory minimum licence disqualification is 3 months.

Our client relied upon their licence for work, and thus instructed us to apply for a DUI Drink Driving Work Licence.

A DUI Drink Driving Work Licence, if granted, permits a person to continue driving during their licence disqualification for work purposes only.

We prepared detailed affidavit materials in support of our client's Work Licence application.

We made forceful verbal submission to the Magistrate.

We were successful in persuading the Magistrate to grant our client a work licence.

Our client's licence was disqualified for 4 months, however, the work licence allows them to continue driving for work purposes only during that time.

Our client received a very modest fine.

Our client was very relieved.

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